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Astro Blog – Samantha Cristoforetti’s reports from space

When I was young I was dreaming to be an Astronaut, as probably most of the children. I grew up during the Apollo missions and I still remember watching the black and white TV during the moon landing. Now I’m much older, but I’m still fascinated from space and from the courage of people that are putting their life at risk to progress our technology and the human being.
Last week a new mission started on ISS and an Italian astronaut is in the crew. She’s the first italian female astronaut: Samantha Cristoforetti. I don’t know if it’s just for this reason or if it’s because in her eyes you can read the sharp intelligence of most of our people, normal people able to do great things as individuals, much more than as a nation, but I’m really proud of what she’s doing. For this reason I decided to create this page and collect her reports from space. It’s really amazing how a complex space adventure can be simply social!
If you even want to take a look at some breathtaking images click on the following link: Photostream.
It’s at your own risk!!!