CSIA Conference 2014

show-2014-csiaThe CSIA Conference 2014 is over. Three days of focus on how to build a better System Integration business run away fast as I coudn’t expect. It was a record conference: 550 attendees with almost 20% non US. It’s a big number that testifies how CSIA is growing both in US and internationally and how much the effort the management is putting into it is giving a good payback.

The reason of CSIA is very simple: most of the system integrator companies were founded and are managed by technicians that have a poor idea of how to  manage business. We are decently good in technical stuff, but imprepared on all the business topics. CSIA just fill this gap, providing information, training, culture and best practices on managing the System Integration Business. The conferece is the edge of this activity.

We spent three days attending sessions and discussing about:

  • business management;
  • talent development;
  • project management;
  • risk management;
  • sales & marketing;
  • insurance management;

in a way so specific that couldn’t be done elsewhere. Networking and discussing between peers is in fact something that can happen only under the CSIA umbrella and that provides each one an incredible amount of value.

Good news for the European Market. The board of CSIA decided to start focusing in developing the organization in Europe starting from 2014. After having done the same in Latin America with great results they are now approaching Europe. This will stimulate many System Integrators to embrace the Best Practices and improve their business organization, providing a better service to clients. Hopefully it will even improve the capability of many clients to differentiate between companies that run business looking at quality  with respect to the ones that just look at short term profits.


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