Gartner and Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) recently published the results of a survey they developed to assess if, and to what extent, MES applications are delivering ROI and creating value for the business.

The study contains a lot of interesting results but between them I chosed one that is particularly significant when you are discussing a MES project with clients: MES Business Benefits Timescale. This is particularly important since any MES project is a continuous improvement project that need to be funded with the ROI each stage can create. A short term benefit enables a more continuous approach to the project whith meaningful advantages both for the client and the Integrator.

The results of Gartner’s study show that

Business benefits timescale

If you sum and order all the percentages of benefits within 12 months, which is a very reasonable time frame to compute ROI on this kind of projects, the result is:

MES results within 12 months

This gives you a very interesting view of wich are the most important client’s drivers for a succesfull MES project. If you combine this informatio with the perception of the importance of each benefit collected from clients you can have the following graphic provided by Gartner


Keeping in mind all these information from the very early discussions on a MES project with clients gives you a reasonable frame to analyze his expectations. You can then decide together wich can be the best approach to the project basing on the expected business improvement and the necessity to mitigate the risk of failure.

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