Greenville, Apr 2013

MESA North American Conference, SC

Apr. 24, 2013

On April 24th, 2013 ended the MESA NA Conference  that, within the Industry Week Best Plants Conference, saw executives of leading U.S. corporations discuss about production management.

A confrontation on the “different” strategies that each production company puts in place to be now and fort the future competitive in the market. In this context, the participation of Autoware aimed to grasp the trends and best practices, so as to help its customers to take the same path and to achieve the same objectives.

It is notable that some elements are common to all companies and are recognized as key to achieving the efficiency needed today to remain in a profitable market:

Continuous improvement, Visibility and Workflow are the keyword of most speech.

Continuous improvement: it is not an option, it’s a fundamental need. The current market requires a methodical approach to continuous improvement. Global competition, combined with the companies need to return to produce closer to their clients or the reconsideration of the effectiveness of the relocation, require to regain efficiency through continuous analysis of business processes. The goal is to identify initiatives that will improve every single process to reduce not only the costs but also the inefficiencies related to long Supply Chain or inconsistencies in the quality of the product.

Visibility: only through careful collection and presentation of data characterizing the production processes and their correlation with those identifying the production contexts, it is possible to understand and manage the dynamics of the plant. The control actions and response required by the processes of continuous improvement can be based only on reliable real Time data. Access to structured information allows to make informed decisions and respond quickly to any event, taking all the improvement arising opportunities.
It is relevant that the  attention to these concepts is not tied to a particular industry or company feature, but totally cross: from food to tires, from steel to tobacco, by the mid-size to “huge” corporations.Which confirms Continuous Improvement, Visibility and Workflow as key elements on which each manufacturing company must concentrate to maintain or develop the profitability, especially in the current market  and economic situation.

Workflow: Efficiency is not possible if the business processes that characterize operations as well as the  industrial processes are not managed. Each company is focused to let people work effectively , not just individually, but as key elements in the implementation of the organizational processes of the production environment. This can only be done with careful analysis and definition of the procedures for collaboration and with their “automation” to ensure consistency over time and under varying conditions.

In practice, the three key elements can take extreme benefits from the adoption of a MES system, properly implemented, that can support technological processes defined by the company, ensuring consistency in their implementation.

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