Scottsdale, Apr 2012

Heading Scottsdale, AZ

Apr. 23, 2012

I’ve to admint I’m tired! I came back from South Africa last thursday, visited a client on Friday, packed the stuff on Saturday and left again on Sunday. I had just a few hours to spend with my family and they were not enough. I’m missing them all.
I’m flying business since I was upgraded and I’ve to say it’s a different life. You can eat, food is really something similar to real food, you can work, you can sleep. It would be nice to do it more frequently…
A busy week is waiting me: three days meetings of our Automation Alliance Group and three days of CSIA conference. A lot of “friends” from all around the world to meet, talk to, discuss to understand how thing are going in different markets and how they are facing and fighting the crisis. Sharing experiences is for sure the most important take away of these meetings. The number of ideas I bring home and the enthusiasm in trying to apply them in our business to make it better and more effective is always unbelievable. The problem is keeping the momentum when you get back home and you start again to face the daily problems that distract you from following the strategy and implementing the tactics. I hoe this year to be more successful!

Automation Alliance Group Meeting

Apr. 24, 2012

The Automation Alliance Group met in Scottsdale for its bi-annual meeting. Again it was a record of attendances. Since we joined in 2008 almost every meeting ended up with more participants than the previous one. This testify how much value company from all around the world find in this meetings. The Main topic discussed during the three working days was “project estimating, proposals and risk mitigation”. A really key phase for all of our companies to deliver successfully projects. All the Alliance members shared their best practices, without hiding a single comma, and made available to all the peers their process descriptions, documents and templates.

But an Alliance meeting is not only a business experience, it’s even a friendship experience. It’s not a meeting between peers it’s a meeting between friends that, by the way, shares a common business interest. And the result is not only comparing the company experiences, it’s blending the personal experiences, the different cultures, interests, passions.

As always I will get back with a box full of new ideas that I will try to implement to improve the performances of my company and my personal ones as well. Next meeting in Philadelphia early November. Looking forward meeting you again my friends.

CSIA Conference 2012

Apr. 30, 2012

The annual CSIA conference ended on Saturday evening with a nice cocktail side the pool at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. It was my fourth CSIA conference since we joined the association in 2008, and as the previous years it was simply great.

420 registered attendants met for three days to discuss about best practices in managing the System Integration business. A good mix of speeches, well balanced between business improvement, technical improvement and personal improvement was on the agenda. A number of meetings, breakfasts and lunches was organized during the three days to discuss on how to improve the organization and make it more effective in being a reference point for all the System Integrators around the World. When I first attended in 2008, it was mainly a US oriented group, with some nice people coming from some countries around the world. Today you really feel an international oriented association, looking forward to grow all around the world, with many initiatives and with an attitude that takes into account the different culture it has to face.

No doubt that there’s value in being part of it. And the best one is to talk with peers, sharing the same business passion and facing the same business problems. It make you feel less alone.

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