South Africa, Apr 2014

X-CHANGE 2014, Wild Coast Sun

Apr. 6, 2014

On April 5th, 2014 started the X-CHANGE 2014 Conference the South African Invensys conference. Beside being always one of the best business conferences you can attend, this edition is even the first official Wonderware event after Invensys was acquired by Schneider Electric. For this reason it’s a special spot to observe and understand what’s coming in the in industrial automation market.

Invensys – Schenider was the main topic of Mike Calies’s (President and CEO of Software and Industrial automation division at Invensys) presentation. Basing on Mike’s presentation the new organization has great business opportunities: grow the combined automation business; focus on operational efficiency; support the automation & energy convergence. All those will be achieved through a better coverage of the market segments due to the complementarity of Schneider and Invensys products that are best in class and enable a strong market segment leadership even through an enhanced software portfolio.

Beside Mike’s keynote session a huge number of session presented the new products and technology that Wonderware is bringing to the market. There’s a common line connecting all them: making every plant operator from machine lavel to C levels aware of what’s happening in real time, with minimum effort and wherever they are. The consumer habits are influencing much more than in the past the industrial people habits and this is creating a technological acceleration in the industrial business that was not common in the past.

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