Smart Manufacturing

I’m focused on helping clients improve their Manufacturing Excellence through the implementation of Smart Manufacturing, MES/MOM systems to streamline the Operations management.


I’m fascinated by technology, almost in every of its aspects. I built on my IT passion my business life, but I love photography, science, astronomy. I’m basically curious!


I like travelling. I love visiting new places and getting in touch with different people and cultures. I believe in growing through crosspollination and sharing of experience and information.


I was born in Vicenza Italy in 1965 where I still live with my wife Monica, my son Matteo and my daughter Anna. I got my degree in Electrical Engineering in 1991 at Padua University in Italy. After some years working as R&D manager in an industrial automation company, in 1996 I decided with some colleagues to start Autoware. Since the beginning I’ve been appointed CEO in charge of managing the company, controlling directly both the technical, commercial and financial activity. But time flows and things changes… so during last years my colleagues left the company and I’m at the moment the unique owner, with the responsibility to decide the direction of our ship in these turbulent markets. I’m terribly passionate of my job, I like defining strategies and actions to perceive the planned results. I worked personally with many customers, small local companies and big multinational ones, as a consultant in implementing state of the art solutions for production management, control and MES systems. The ability to propose the best solution to each client, combining a strong attention to the business value and innovation, made Autoware one of the most appreciated system integration company worldwide.
I’m serving in several associations: I’m part of the Marketing Committee and European Advisory Committee of CSIA and of the Smart Manufacturing Workgroup of MESA

My top five skills basing on Linkedin Endorsments

Automation 100%
Integration 72%
Management 49%

The percentage was calculated considering 100% the number of endorsements of the top skill and calculating the ratio of the others.